Ideas for Valentine’s Day Weddings

Ten V-Day Wedding Ideas

When couples are considering wedding dates, Valentine’s Day is always a popular suggestion. Not only is it synonymous with expressing love, but it will also make a memorable anniversary. Another benefit to choosing the holiday to say “I do” is the creative direction you can go without becoming clich. Your guests are trading in a day to support you and your partner, so you’ll want them to feel equally as special. With the right elements, your wedding will transform from a simple ceremony to an indulgent experience for everyone. Here are our tips to making a Valentine’s Day wedding work.

1. Festive Save The Dates

Invitations are the perfect way to engage your guests and get them excited about the wedding. Channel your inner Cupid and add a romantic twist to the cards. Look for a sleek design and accent it with a textured border, charm or a pretty ribbon.

2. Tailor Your Theme

Valentine’s Day doesn’t equal hearts and candy for every couple, so think about the way you celebrate. Do you revisit the park where you first met? Exchange love letters?Sprinkle hints of these ideas into your overall concept

3. Find A Charming Venue

Some locations automatically put everyone in a romantic mindset.Scenic views, beachside venues and intimate lighting all help you achieve the look without the hassle. Explore your options.

4. Seat Accordingly

Of course you’ve already snagged your hubby, but many ladies will be hoping to catch the bouquet. Weddings are prime opportunities to connect people, so consider everyone’s status when plotting your chart. You’ll get a kick out of watching the singles flirt

5. Sip Something Sweet

If you plan to serve drinks at your reception, offer cocktails like peppermint martinis or chocolate cosmos. Garnish the glasses with fresh fruit or flowers to add elegance. Play bartender with your man at home and decide which ones your guests will enjoy.

6. Get Into The Groove

Pull your iPod out, dust off the old records and make a list of love songs for the DJ. People will be ready to party, so get them on the floor for a good slow dance. As a parting gift, send everyone home with a copy (and don’t forget to include your first dance song).

7. Spin The Color Wheel

If you don’t want to use the traditional red and pink, there are alternatives to help you set the mood.Pick your main colors then try a variation of the hues like magenta or burgundy.Nearly anything will look chic with dim lighting or tea candles.

8. Discover New Flowers

The first flower that pops into mind for most brides-to-be is a rose. However, they’re in high demand so prices will rise during this window. Stroll through your local florist together and find out which ones look and smell wonderful. Tulips and orchids are always classy.

9. Spoil Your Wedding Party

Go above and beyond to show friends and family your gratitude for their involvement. Assemble gift baskets with handwritten thank you notes, homemade treats and Godiva gift certificates if your budget will allow it.

10. Spread The Love

Your wedding marks the beginning of a journey with your soul mate. The room will be filled with testimonies, so pass the microphone around and allow couples to toast to their partner. They’ll offer words of wisdom you both will remember for the rest of your lives.