Everyone Else Can Quit Now, This Mannequin Challenge Proposal Reenactment Video Is Everything
CSA Images/Printstock Collection

Sweet engagement photos going viral is nothing new to social media, but every now and then a couple takes the fun to the next level, and the result is even more awesome. Such was the case when this couple decided to return to the place where they fell in love to recreate their proposal for a fun mannequin challenge video moment. The result, of course, is everything.

The high school sweethearts took a break from their engagement shoot and truly mastered the latest internet craze. See?

Down on one knee, the groom reenacts the moment he first asked his fiancée for her hand in marriage while onlookers were frozen in awe of their love.

The couple is set to tie the knot next spring and this is such a dope way to have some fun during the planning process!


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