Man Brings His Mistress To Church And Gets Publicly Exposed By His Pastor and Wife
Paul Burns/Getty Images

It’s never a good idea for a man to flaunt the woman he’s having an affair with in front of others… especially not at church.


Well one brave man in Zimbabwe doesn’t seem to agree. He brought his mistress into his church, and things got ugly, fast. The man’s affair was publicly exposed by his pastor. 


In a video shared on Worldstar Hip-Hop, the cheating husband is confronted by the congregational leader who was informed of the infidelity by the man’s wife.

Not only was the husband forced to face both his wife and his mistress at the same time, but the pastor made him choose who he wanted to be with right in front of everyone.

Ouch. Talk about pressure.

The unidentified man chose to stay with his wife, who stood there carrying their son in her arms.

This uncomfortable situation didn’t end there. The pastor encouraged the man’s wife and the mistress to hug. (Yes, hug!) Afterwards, the pastor sternly advised that the husband and his mistress delete each other’s numbers.

Excuse us…we’re still processing this one.

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