Your Valentine’s Night Theme

Theme Night

It’s almost a given that you and your man are going to get it on February 14, so what is going to make this bedroom session hotter than all the other times? Will you add some extra sensuality or a little fantasy play to the late-night menu? Spice up your V-Day lovemaking with one of these steamy themes…

Satisfy the Senses

Tonight every touch, smell and taste is an opportunity for ecstasy.

The Rub Down

It’s going to be a deliciously long night. Get to know every inch of each other’s bodies, by massaging warm, tingly oils — like The Body Shop’s Sensual Massage Oil with vanilla and ylang ylang, $18 — deep into every muscle and curve. When you’re man’s all oiled up, change up the sensation by sliding your naked body up and down his back and chest.

Savor the Sweetness

Chocolate is a well known mood-booster and aphrodisiac. Dripping chocolate sauce on your lover’s thighs and licking it off of him is not a bad way to get your fix, but we’ve got an even better idea. Keep a small bowl of decadent Godiva chocolate truffles ($9 for a small box) next to the bed, once you and your partner are in the throes of passion pop one of those creamy nuggets of joy into your mouth and double your sensation.

The Scent of Sex

Tap into your powerful sense of smell this Valentine’s Day. Fill the room with erotic and earthy smells like vanilla and clove or rosewood and cedar. If you’re at a loss for what to get, start with your favorite sexy fragrance. The brand will most likely have a candle that goes with the scent. We’re loving Tom Ford Oud Woud, $85.

Fantasy Play Date

While the sensual date is all about unlocking the senses, the fantasy date is about restricting some of those senses to heighten sensations in other areas.

Hold Him Back

Tie your partner up with cuffs or restraints — like Lelo’s Boa Restraints, $79 — so that you can have your naughty way with him. Once he’s all wrapped up you can tease him with different sensations. Rub an ice cube from his ankle to his upper thigh or nibble on his chest and stomach.

Love is Blind

Let him blindfold you while you make love. Being restricted from seeing him on top of you may help you to hone in on the areas where you’re experiencing the most pleasure for an explosive orgasm. Losing your sight also places you in a space where you can let your fantasies run wild. Try it with the Shhhh Blindfold, $20.

Tickle and Tease

Don’t forget to pick up a soft feather tickler or a sturdy paddle — like Kiki Du Montparnasse’s Spank Me Paddle, $195 — to tease and taunt your tied up Valentine with.

Long Distance Love Affair

Even though you can’t be together, you can still have a night to remember.


If you’re in a long distance relationship, we’re sure you’re already hip to Skype, but Valentine’s night is when the software application really comes in handy. For a memorable session, set up the ambiance in your room before hand with candles and low lamps and experiment different fabrics, like red lace and purple satin to enhance the romance. Test out the look by taping a little clip on your computer’s video recorder the night before.

Mixed Messages

Send him naughty text messages throughout the day in preparation for your sexy Skye session. Tell him how you can’t to see him full frontal tonight or take a picture of your cleavage and send it to him with a note that says, “We miss you.”

Arousing Apparel

Because he’s not there to caress all of your curves, the lingerie becomes an even more important way to entice your long distance lover. Choose a burlesque theme — wear a vintage-inspired corset with garters and thigh highs and add props like a feather boa and line your eyes with thick, dark liner and show off your smackers with bright red lipstick. Or — since you’re going to be on video — go for a porn star theme and hit up your local sex shop for latex lingerie and six-inch platform heels.

See and Be Seen

Maybe you and your honey would like to watch as much as you’d like to play this Valentine’s Day.

Rated X

After brunch this Saturday, you and your man head down to your local erotic video store to choose who you’d like to see get it on. No matter how much you want to, don’t pop in the DVD until V-Day. On the big night, try sitting next to your lover without touching for 15 minutes as you watch the flick and get turned on by the actors. Once your libido is in overdrive you can try to re-enact the on screen scenes.

Do It Yourself

While at the sex shop, you may want to pick up a new toy — like the just-released Je Jou MiMi, $80 — that he’s never seen you play with before. Sit him down in a chair and see him get worked up as he watches you pleasure yourself with your new device. You won’t be separated for long.

Made You Look

It’s time for you to come together. Why should you and your guy be the only ones enjoying your good time? Turn the lights on and leave a slight crack in the blinds — just enough so your neighbors know what’s going on without really knowing what’s going on.