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This open marriage situation. What open marriage? Molly, you and Danger Girl. So, first things first. Do we even think this is a real open marriage, because I know I don't. Absolutely not. No. I don't. No. Something's not right. An open marriage, to me, implies that it's not gonna be someone that I have a personal connection relationship to. Now Drow and Molly are moving into straight up affair territory. [LAUGH] And that doesn't imply open marriage, that doesn't scream arrangement. That screams I'm really stepping out on my marriage. Disregarding all the vows that I have with this person, and I'm gonna have an affair. All my friends who are in open relationships or marriages, they always spell out the rules. And that is the first thing we discussed when I asked, how does this work? They both know the rules. And never, not at one point, did Drew say, these are the rules of our open relationship. He has no rules, he's gone rogue. Because guess what? It was very clear, from the moment they were in that cupcake shop, that he wanted A piece of Molly. And it was clear from that scene, that he was in the open marriage, and Candice was not. Because she was hugging up on him real tight, like this is my man. Wait, can we get funky real quick? Please do. You all think Molly thinks they're really in an open relationship? Hell no. Let's be real about that. The thing that happens to women who are, I think she does. I dont' know if she thinks it's an open relationship. It's that thing when you're having an affair and you think, there's hope. I think she may thing there's hope or I'm going to make it work. And you could see that glimmer. He made vows to someone and she is never going to be able to compete with his committment to forever, even though he clearly doesn't care about it. I think we have to be real, when things are going wrong in other aspects of our life, we tend to sometimes try to settle in other places where we need to find some happiness. So I also wonder, if everything didn't feel so wrong in Molly's life, right now if she wouldnt be If she'd even been open to the job. which I am you know because- Has she been with him for a while? She's- [CROSS TALK] Randal is a good man. I don't think she can see him for what he is, Randal. [LAUGHS] I'm a front yard. Is his name really Randal. No it's still really Brad. [LAUGH] She called Call her mom and asked her mom cuz she was feeling conflicted because she knows it's not right. Mom, how did you forgive dad for doing this? And her mom said, well, it sounds silly but I just love him. Molly girl, you're falling in love Love.>> Yeah. She was wrong when she was backing thing up. Listen. At the party. Slow motion causes a lot of stimulating. [LAUGH] Okay, you sound really upset, I felt so uncomfortable watching that because that is your friend's husband, there is no reason your behind should be on his- But I have a question. Is she really friends with Candace? Because she's always been Joe's her [UNKNOWN] Exactly. Yeah. But don't be grinding up on no man with a wife. Agreed. All right. I'm about to get married, I will fight everybody. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] Obviously, we all need to see how this evolves. On Sunday. Molly, girl, we're praying for you. Loving light. Loving [LAUGH]. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Molly, you in danger girl!

If you’re like us, you’re a major fan of HBO’s hit drama Insecure and right about now you just can’t stop talking about the messy relationship between characters Molly and Dro this season. Are Dro and his wife (yes wife!) Candice really in an “open marriage”? Is Dro playing her flat out? Doesn’t Molly deserve more? Girl, our editors have those same questions…and some. As the show’s season finale quickly approaches, the ladies sat down for a little girl talk about this messy situation.

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