Tyrese’s Pregnant Wife Samantha Gibson Reveals Their Baby Girl’s Name, Pens Beautiful Message To His Daughter Shayla

It’s hard to believe that Tyrese’s daughter Shayla is already 11 years old. She’s growning up right before fan’s eyes.

To celebrate her birthday, her stepmom, Tyrese’s wife Samantha Gibson, shared this photo of the two, along with this sweet message: 

“Happy Birthday to one of the most incredible little ladies I’ve ever met, Princess Shayla,” she wrote. “I am almost in tears at this picture because it truly warms my heart how genuinely excited you are to be an older sister. You have a heart of gold, Shayla, I pray you never lose it. To have the opportunity to be your stepmother, to see you grow and learn, to be SO resilient in the face of conflict, it’s truly an answered prayer.”

She continued, “I know I can be hard on you at times, but I see you growing up in a similar situation to what I was raised in and I am passionate for you not to allow anything to stop you from the greatness you are DESTINED for. We both love you so much and pray that you have a very special birthday today. Love Forever & Always, Dad, Sam and your soon to be baby sister, Soraya.”

Samantha, Tyrese, and Shayla couldn’t be more excited to be expanding their family with a new baby girl,  who they’ve named Soraya, who’s coming any day now.

Baby girl Soraya will be the couple’s first child together and the second for Tyrese. 

But the family of three aren’t the only ones ready for the new bundle of joy to arrive. Just a few months back Samantha shared this video of them revealing the big news to her parents. Let’s just say they were excited! 

Congrats to the happy couple!