Trey Songz is blessing his fans with not only a new single this week called “Circles” but also an accompanying video that celebrates the beauty of Black love.

In a teaser for the video, the R&B crooner explained that the theme will explore “Black love and some of the circles we go through in relationships.” Trey and his leading lady are one of three couples of different ages that star in the video as their makeups and breakups are captured. The visuals perfectly represent the ups and downs that relationships naturally go through and the strength of Black love that keeps the unity strong.

See the inspiring video for “Circles” below.

Of course, we can’t ever root for anything Black without a hater coming to crash the party. Soon after he dropped the Instagram teaser for his new video, a fan popped up in Trey’s comments asking, “Why is Black love different from White love? Love is love.”

The singer wasted no time getting her all the way together…with facts!

“[With Black love] families were torn apart purposely,” he explains. “Mother’s raped, men taken from homes. America has always wanted the Black family separated because of the strength we have when we are one. They go so far as to say Black fathers don’t exist and Black love doesn’t exist. So pardon me while I show Black love and not all love.”

Read his full response below:

Those who follow Trey on social media know that he’s also been doing his part to give back throughout the quarantine, bringing awareness to Black Lives Matter and the call to end police brutality. He’s also encouraged other artists to join the Feed Your City Challenge and dropped a song called “2020 Riots: How Many Times” immediately following the death of George Floyd.

Keep putting on for the culture, Trey!

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