I Tried A Touchless Orgasm Class…And This Happened
LWA/Dann Tardif/Getty Images

“Close your eyes, and center your breathing. Inhale, exhale…kegel.” 

For a few minutes on a Friday evening, that’s just what I did. Under the guidance of sexologist, Nikki Morgan, I found myself in a room with dim lighting and a calm spirit as I opened up my chakras for an awakening that was rooted in wellness. 

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. A touchless orgasm? That’s not a real thing. I didn’t think so either, but it can be. It’s all about perspective.

Morgan, the creator of the experience specializes in a unique and highly specialized practice that focuses on sexual and spiritual wellness. 

The certified sexologist channels the energy in your body and helps to move that energy—both good and bad–throughout the entire body, while coaching you through breathing and re, and it’s all done without a single touch. 

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During the experience, in which I laid on a table with my eyes closed, I listened to the soft drumming of music in the background and smelled the aroma of incense, and welcomed a shift in the energy found in my seven chakras.  I found the kind of clarity that comes from the orgasmic state—not the pleasure but the peace. 

At one point, I think I was nestled so deep in my subconscious that I had to force myself back to reality. Wait, where am I again?

In addition to allowing me a moment of stillness, the experience also is rooted in the self-care we all need especially as it relates to doing emotional work. 

Moving through the guided exercise will tap into your sexual prowess and invited shifts in your emotional space for a healing you never even knew you needed.

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