As we’ve heard first hand from brides, many couples who planned to say “I do” this year have been forced to either elope or postpone their wedding plans due to the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why it warms our hearts to see weddings, even on a smaller scale, still taking place in the midst of such a trying time.

Tony Terry, best known for his 1991 hit “With You,” recently went out to get some fresh air in the park when he came across a couple getting married. After being moved by seeing the newly minted husband and wife, Terry decided to gift them with a performance of his song for their first dance.

“It was just them and the officiant,” Terry shared in the caption of his Instagram video where he performs for the couple. “I asked if I could sing for their first dance. I sang, they danced.”

Right on the spot, Terry plays the “With You” instrumentals from his phone and sang with the voice of an angel. The couple, blissfully in love, danced along as their impromptu wedding singer serenaded them. How sweet!

Having a small ceremony isn’t the only way couples are getting married nowadays. The hashtag #ZoomWedding on Instagram will reveal dozens of couples who have chosen to live-stream their nuptials.

Love always finds a way!


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