Racism in America is something many Black parents will impact their children’s safety and future. Far too many Black mothers have had to bury their children to acts of police brutality and hate crimes. For comedian Tiffany Haddish, the racism in American is making her second guess having children at all.

The Last O.G. star recently joined NBA star Carmelo Anthony during a virtual episode of his podcast “What’s in Your Glass?” and revealed motherhood is something she questions because of the racial tensions in this country.

“I’m a little older now and people are always asking when I’m gonna have some babies,” Haddish said. “There’s a part of me that would like to do that, and I always make up these excuses like, ‘Oh, I need a million dollars in the bank before I do that, I need this, I need that.’ But really, it’s like I would hate to give birth to someone that looks like me knowing that they’re gonna be hunted or killed. Like, why would I put someone through that? White people don’t have to think about that.”

While the thought is a scary one, Haddish says attending the Black Lives Matter rallies have given her determination to find a solution as a community.

“We’re all trying to figure out, how do you fix this?,” Haddish said. “How do you stop this? And all I can think is, ‘how do we change people’s hearts?’ and that’s what I’ve been trying to do my whole career. Everybody wants to be happy. Nobody wants to see their family slaughtered.”

Watch the emotional clip below at the 23:00 mark.


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