If case you hadn’t heard, Tiffany Haddish is serious about her fitness goals in 2021. So it only makes sense that she’d want to show off her hard-earned physique by taking part in the internet’s latest craze, the silhouette challenge, and bring her boyfriend Common along for the ride.

The silhouette challenge starts off with the person innocently posing before seductively showing off their body-ody-ody against some sexy red lighting in the background. Haddish began her challenge dressed in a trench coat and bonnet. When the beat dropped, she then switched into black lingerie for the second half of the video. As she danced and swayed to the music, in walks Common to enjoy the show up close. He begins to kiss her neck, and Haddish turns around to initiate a passionate kiss. Things get hot and steamy until Common “mistakenly” takes Haddish’s wig off.

You had to expect this fun-loving couple was going to add some laughs in there. Watch the full video below:

Haddish and Common began dating in August 2020. The actress revealed how their relationship came to be while chopping it up with  Jackass star Steve-O on his Wild Ride! podcast.

“I met Common when I was shooting my movie The Kitchen,” she said. “He was in it and I guess he was my love interest. I made out with him in the movie and we became friends and it wasn’t anything sexual. Our friendship was getting a little more than friendship but not quite ’cause COVID happened and we were like quarantined.”

Haddish explained while on FaceTime, they decided to jointly partner with the dating app Bumble. “[I told him] we can do charities. We can do things for the frontline workers and kids, too,'” she further explained. “We got that money and made all these donations and it was really cool. Then he got tested for everything and I got tested for everything and yeah, we’ve been f–kin’.”

Keep the hilarious moments coming, y’all!

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