The Nicest Thing Common Has Ever Done For Tiffany Haddish Will Surprise You: ‘It Don’t Take Much To Make Me Happy’
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

It’s the simple things that made falling in love with Common easy for Tiffany Haddish. From picking her up at the airport with tacos to making sure her car was clean, the starlet will take acts of service over big gifts and displays any day.

That was the message received from insight shared about their relationship on her TBS show, Friday Night Vibes. Common visited during a recent episode and comedian Deon Cole quizzed them about some of the more intimate details of their relationship. When asked what the nicest thing he ever did for her was, she had a surprising answer.

“He washed my car,” she said. “He washed my car. Well, I thought he washed it but then he told me he paid somebody to do it. And that was still nice to me. That was the best. And a Cartier watch! But I like the car washing better.”

Common also shared that the most romantic thing he’s ever done for her was another simple but sweet act.

“I went to the airport to pick her up and I came with some of her favorite food, which is LAX tacos,” he said. “I had some flowers there. Just came and picked her up at the airport. Nowadays, most cats is like sending an Uber or telling a lady to get an Uber, but I showed up. So I felt good.”

“That was nice,” she added. The car was there and then he opened the door. I was like ‘ooooooh he love me!’ I’m simple. It don’t take much to make me happy.”

This fact was clear from the prayer she said she shared with God in regards to what kind of partner she hoped to have come into her life.

“I didn’t pray for Common in particular but I prayed to God to send me somebody I could have fun with, that I could communicate with and somebody I don’t have to fight with or compete with,” she said. “I feel like that’s what we are.”

Tiffany and Common first became close while filming the movie The Kitchen together in 2018. Rumors of the pair dating first started to pop up in 2020 after they were seen hanging out together at the NBA All Star Game in his native Chicago in February 2020. She went public with their relationship last August, remarking then that it was one of the healthiest and happiest ones she’s had — and it’s still going strong.

“This is hands down the best relationship I’ve ever been in, knock on wood,” she said at the time. “I’ve lost 20 lbs since I’ve been in this relationship, I feel more confident, and it’s not him that’s doing it. [I’m] way happier, knowing I’ve got somebody that cares about me that really has my back. I love him!”