11 Sexiest Songs of 2011

Kelly Rowland “Motivation”

This sexy bedroom anthem flew to the top of the charts and our between-the-sheets playlists.

Rihanna “S&M”

This year when good girls felt like being bad, they looked to this song for support. We admit, this tune is so bad, it’s good!

Miguel “Quickie”

We couldn’t forget the song that prompted more impromptu “lunch breaks” than ever this year. Could you?

Jill Scott ft. Paul Wall “So Gone”

You know that moment when your body wants something so bad it stops listening to your brain? This song’s the cure!

Beyonce “1+1”

Beyonce’s sweet and romantic tribute song to true, undying, passionate love, was romantic, sexy, and unforgettable.

Robin Thicke “Love After War”

Four words: Make up sex music!

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Marsha Ambrosius “Late Nights Early Mornings”

This hit couldn’t be titled more perfectly. It was exactly what we needed for those late nights and early mornings with that special someone.

Wale ft. Miguel “Lotus Flower Bomb”

Nothing’s sexier than those first moments when sparks fly and a man is going out of his way to woo you into being his. Wale’s sweet lyrics meet Miguel’s sultry sound to produce a guy-gets-girl theme song to be remembered.

Beyonce “Dance for You”

Beyonce makes the list once again with the ultimate cater to your man anthem of 2011. Show him you love him ladies!

Trey Songz “Love Faces”

Nobody makes love songs like Trey Songz, the master of sultry sexy tracks you can’t help but want to go to bed to. This ones instantly became one of our favorites.

Chris Brown “No Bull****”

Tired of playing games Chris Brown wrote the official “let’s just get it on” song of the year which instantly became a staples in the clubs.