Give It a Twist

Slip out of your clothes and into a bed covered with this Twister-inspired duvet. You’ll tangle and laugh your way to a wild night. Try the Twister Board Game Duvet by Bobby-Harlem ($106 for a queen-size, at home or take the fun outside with the Paladone Fleece Twister Picnic Blanket ($12,, which even comes with the spinner.

Roll the Dice

Casino night, anyone? I like the Sexy Surprise Dice from Pure Romance ($20, pure You can decorate them with “where” and “what” stickers of your choosing. With each roll, everybody comes up a winner!

Do You Dare?

Get more intimate than ever before with a little inspiration from the sexy, individually wrapped dares and conversation starters found inside renowned sexpert Susie Bright’s I Dare You sealed seductions game ($15,

Karaoke Night

Couples who love karaoke can level up by taking the battle to the bedroom. Pop a bottle of new limited edition Apothic Sparkling Red wine ($14, for stores), grab your Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke mics ($29 each, and turn up your R&B playlist on the JBL Charge 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($150,

Be Monogamous

Monopoly nights never get old, but they can get a little stale. Get to know each other’s minds and bodies a little better on your next game night with a round or two of Monogamy ($21, The further you make it in the board game, the more, uh, interesting the evening will get.

Poker Night

Become the queen of the bedroom for the king of your heart with this spicy Love Poker pack ($12, by CalExotics. Best hand wins—that is, if you can keep your hands off each other long enough to complete the game.

Charli Penn is the Relationships and Wellness Director at ESSENCE Magazine and a bonafide love and marriage enthusiast with over 20 years covering love, sex, marriage and intimacy. Charli has interview over 2,000 couples and experts, and counting… Follow her on Instagram or Twitter for more great relationship advice and product recommendations. XOXO

This column originally appeared in the October issue of ESSENCE


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