The Make Up Sex Manual

Your How to Guide

Arguing with him is no fun, but making up sure can be. Have amazing make-up sex you won’t regret in the morning with this handy how-to guide.

DO: Set the Mood

Even passion needs a stage. Take your time and get your bedroom ready for love. Whether it’s scented candles you’re into or pretty petals on the bed, just be sure there’s a little something special for both of you waiting behind that door.

DON’T: Mix business with pleasure

You know the saying, “a little less conversation, a little more action?” Well it more than applies here. Don’t stop mid-moment for a follow up conversation. Take advantage of the post-loving cuddle time to say whatever else it is you’d like to get off your chest.

DO: Switch It Up

Try something you’ve never done before, but always wanted to. Switch positions, talk dirty, or maybe even bring out the toys. Whatever your guilty pleasure, just make sure you’re both having fun.

DON’T: Make Promises You Can’t Keep

If you’re not over it, don’t pretend to be for the sake of the moment. You’re not going to enjoy yourselves if there are too many unresolved issues floating around. If he suggests make up sex but you’re not ready, say so!

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DO: Kick Things Off With Friendly Competition

If you really want to get the right vibes flowing, engaged in a little competitive play before you hit the sheets. Challenge him to an intense game of Wii tennis, or start an impromptu pillow fight. The emotional charge will transfer to the bedroom and make the sex even better. Our suggestion: Naked wrestling.

DON’T: Be Afraid to Get Physical

Make up sex is a very strong and passionate experience, so relax and let the moment take you where it wants to go. The sex doesn’t have to be soft or sensual, it can be as wild a ride as you both will allow. Ear nibbles, hand cuffs, blindfolds – anything goes. You won’t regret it, promise.

DO: Share the Moment

As you two engage in hot and steamy sex between the sheets there may moments where one of you feels more in charge. It will give you an incredible high you won’t want to fade, but remember it’s not just about you. Take turns taking each other there and be sure both your needs are being meet.

DON’T: Rush Things

Take all the time you need to satisfy each other and keep your eyes off that clock. Unless it’s a life or death situation, there should be nothing keeping you from that moment – even if it means you let you dinner burn. (Wink!) If you interrupt the moment, when you things pick back up, chances are they won’t feel quite the same.

DO: Drink to the Occasion

There’s no better way to get your inhibitions flowing than to pop a few bottles before the romance begins. If you think there’s a make up sex moment coming soon, head to the store and stock up on your favorite wine and champagne. Want more sex advice? 7 Ways to Instantly Turn Him On 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Next Vacation 10 Summer Hot Spots to Have Sex