Taraji P Henson has a sexy fiancé, a gorgeous engagement ring on her finger and a thriving A-list Hollywood career,  but when will she become a bride? Not anytime soon, she told E! News during a recent red carpet interview. “I don’t even have a date yet,” she said. “When I have a date you guys will know first.” The Empire star got engaged to her now fiancé, former Super Bowl-winning NFL star Kelvin Hayden, on Mother’s Day after dating for two years. Henson is known to keep the specifics of their relationship private but admits that when it comes to wedding planning, she is going to be the one making the big decisions. “He just wants me to be happy… so that means it all falls on me! So I’m not going to stress myself,” she said. She echoed the same sentiment –that she is taking her time– when she recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
“I was pressuring myself because everyone was like ‘when is the date, when is the date?’… And finally I was like, you know, I’m in control, we’re in control, so we’re going to wait.” she told Kimmel. But overall, Henson tells E! News that she is just excited to have met her special someone to spend life with. “It feels good to know that I have someone that wants to do the rest of their life with me,” she said. “It’s great!”


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