Actress Taraji P. Henson and former NFL player Kelvin Hayden can’t wait to become husband and wife. However, their big day has been pushed back a bit, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

During a livestream interview with Access Hollywood, Henson revealed that she believes the coronavirus may have been to blame for the recent death of her uncle. With everything that’s going on, she and her fiancé think its best to postpone their summer wedding.

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“I’m pausing because there’s so much to take into consideration now,” she told the host. “We’ve all been changed after this. There’s so much to consider: my grandmother who is 96, his grandmother who is 86, my mother who’s now 70, my aunts and uncles who are up there. And I just lost my uncle, who we think may have had complications of corona.”

“I just think we should pause, stop and just think this thing through,” she concluded. “Humanity will be forever changed after this.”

Henson and Kelvin originally had their hearts set on getting married on April 4th of this year. However, the Coffee and Kareem actress told Extra she decided a summer wedding would be better.

“I mentioned one date. It was 4/4/20, and we were really going to do it,” she says. “But my wedding planner was like, ‘Okay, in case it rains, we’ll have umbrellas,’ and I was like, ‘You know what, never mind about April—let’s move it later.’”

Hopefully, it won’t be long before these lovebirds can officially say “I do.”


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