Steve And Marjorie Harvey Feel Forever Young Celebrating Their Wedding Anniversary

Steve and Marjorie Harvey just celebrated twelve beautiful years of marriage by proving their bond is just as strong as it was on their wedding day.

The couple recently posted photos wishing each other a Happy Anniversary. Steve acknowledged his leading lady as “the chick of his dreams.” Seriously…if bae doesn’t stan for you this hard, is he really your bae?

Marjorie showed us that she and her hubby are forever young and still crazy about each other. In a photo of them going down a bouncy house slide, she writes that, “God has renewed our youth like the eagles.” Don’t you just love when couples embrace that childlike wonder?

Showing off their stylish side, Marjorie gave us a glimpse into the glamourous Harvey household. In a second photo, she sits atop a piano with Steve on the keys. “The yin to my yang,” she captions the photo of them matching black and white print.

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The yin to my yang

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Steve first saw Marjorie when she walked into a comedy club he was performing in back in 1990. He proclaimed on stage, “I don’t know who you are but I’m going to marry you.” They dated briefly and reconnected again in 2005. Steve, who wed Marjorie in June 2007, told ESSENCE exclusively that his wife is the secret to his success. “Everything I have,” he says pointing to his Marjorie, “is because of this girl right here.”

Among many things, Steve and Marjorie are known for maintaining a beautiful blended family and going on tons of exotic vacations. Click here to see their epic getaways throughout the years.

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Happy anniversary you two! Keep the love alive.


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