When it comes to budgeting for a first date, it’s always a toss up as to who picks up the check but that doesn’t mean saving money isn’t on one or both of their minds!

According to recent survey conducted by Badoo, the world’s largest dating app, 200 people admit to operating on a budget when it comes to getting to know a potential bae.

Participants from California, Wyoming and Arizona disclosed that they’re only willing to dish out $10 or less on the first date.

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That’s right—West Coasters are all about keeping things cheap when you’re getting to know each other.

Forty four percent of the men surveyed admitted that money is no object on the first date, while only only 24 percent of women said the same.

Whether it’s a quick cup of coffee, sharing an ice cream cone, enjoying an outdoor music festival or taking a stroll through a flower market or a creative moment at the museum, first dates don’t have to break the bank.