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Sound-Off: Are You Having Spontaneous Sex?

More and more celebrities admit that they enjoy sex in public places. Do you?
There are a million ways to get your groove on inside the house, but for more adventurous couples it’s often more about what they do when they leave home that really rocks their socks.

In a recent appearance on CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan’ show actress Jada Pinkett-Smith proudly proclaimed that she and longtime husband Will Smith still keep things exciting in and out of the bedroom.

The no nonsense host, known for his upfront questions, asked how she and Will still have such a “fantastic sex life after 14 years or marriage”. Her response: “You have to!”

“I know people get so upset about it, but I mean we’ve made love in some interesting places,” Jada said. Both she and will have mentioned in past interviews that they try to make love wherever they go.

She’s not the first celebrity to admit to enjoying spontaneous unplanned public romps with a lover. Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin caught some heat in the press recently when she let it slip during an interview with the ladies on ‘The Talk’ that she and husband Duane Martin recently had sex in a nightclub bathroom. Rapper T.I. and his wife reality TV star Tiny took a conjugal visit a step too far while he was serving time and she almost landed in jail herself.

Is there any harm in wanting to get it on when and where you want to? Yes, it’s technically illegal to have sex in certain public spaces, but is it wrong? If you can’t be seen or heard are you harming any one? So many experts say it’s imperative to keep an element of excitement and mystery alive in a relationship to keep it going. If this is true, why do so many couples who believe in “loving” each other when and how they want to often catch such criticism for it?

There must be something to it. If we look at rock solid marriages like Will and Jada’s and Tisha and Duane’s can we learn from their lack of inhibitions, and take a cue from their love tactics? Are we too hard on those who like to express their sexuality and explore new dimensions of intimacy? Maybe we should all lighten up some.

What are your thoughts on spontaneous sex and lewd acts in public places?