The holiday season has arrived, which means it’s time for the whole family to get together once again to eat, drink and be merry—yay!

Unless of course you’re single and loving it, but they don’t understand and when you show up you get bombarded with pesky questions and comments about your relationship status.

Are you dreading seeing that annoying auntie or dodging your grandma’s marriage pressures? Plan on avoiding your play uncle who gets a little too fresh? Or maybe it’s that cousin who is betting that you’ll be the last one in the family to get married? Yeah, they suck, but this fun drinking game we created to help you cope doesn’t.

Here’s how to endure those meddling, measly romantic inquiries and remain calm. 

Take A Sip:

1. When your aunt says: “You look like you’ve put on a little weight and that won’t help you find a man.” (So? And? Mind your business!)

2. If a relative suggests that you try out a dating app. (And side-eye while you sip, of course!)

3. When your cousin shows up with a new guy (again) and swears this time they’re totally in love (again). (Girl.)


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Pour A Shot:

1. If you’re caught under the mistletoe with no one to kiss and aren’t stressing it until someone calls you out. (Ugh, damn you decorations!)

2. When your uncle who is on his third marriage to a much younger woman tries to give you advice on love. (Sir, have several seats.)

3. If someone arranges a blind date or a “co-workers’ nice single son” to show up for you during dinner and never told you it was going down. (Actually, take two shots girl, you earned it.)



Finish Your Drink:

1. If your grandma asks if you’ve found a friend to get serious with. (Politely tell your nana “no” as you slice another piece of pie.)

2. When your mom asks when she’s going to finally get some grandbabies. (Are you going to come help take care of these babies mama?!)

3. If someone gets engaged right next to you and then someone turns and says “You’re next.”