With the world in such disarray, many of us singles have found it tempting to find a quaranting to cuddle with while social distancing. Not Sammie.

The R&B singer, who stepped on the scene at just 12 years old with his single “I Like It,” is a grown man now. If you didn’t gather that from his luscious beard, you’ll definitely know it by the mature content of his forthcoming album, Such Is Life.

ESSENCE had the pleasure of catching up with Sammie for our latest Music Monday series. During our chat, the singer explains why he feels “whole in his singleness.”

“I can date, but I did promise myself to remain single in 2020,” he said on ESSENCE’s Facebook Live. “I’m only five months single, so it would be not the wisest decision to move on so suddenly and try to give someone my all…while still going through my ‘me’ time.”

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While Sammie does look forward to becoming a husband and father someday, he says this year is for refocusing on himself. “I want a wife, and I want children. I’m 33, so I’m ready to have a tribe of my own. But I’m not necessarily looking for it, so I would say that I’m ‘single but not eligible.’ They say the man that finds a wife finds a good thing. So because I’m not searching, I won’t find her right now.”

He goes on to say that when he does decide to date again, it will be with his forever partner. “My next relationship, I pray that it’s the last one,” he continues. “I don’t want to break her heart, and I don’t want my heart broken. I want everlasting love. But I’m going to finish 2020 as a single man.”

Catch our full chat with Sammie on Music Monday above, and stream his new album, Such Is Life, when it drops this Friday.