7 Signs You Are The Relationship Type
monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images

When it comes to finding a bae, people can be easily sorted into two categories: those who are looking for someone to go the distance with and those with more fleeting romantic tendencies. You, however, proudly and unapologetically fall into the former category – otherwise known as the relationship type. Some experts believe this is a great time to be a single person, but not you. Not even professional, statistically-backed assessments on the benefits of singledom can put a damper on your relationship-centric lifestyle. You simply aren’t content with liking pics of all your Instagram crushes and scrolling past potential relationship prospects. You have your keen, love-seeking sights set on finding a real-life partner who you can make a permanent part of your world.

Later for the single life! Here are seven telltale signs that you are the relationship type.