Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Shereé Whitfield made a virtual appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live to talk about life during quarantine.

In season nine of RHOA, we saw Whitfield attempting to get her son Kairo his start in the modeling industry. She even teamed up with castmate and former model Cynthia Bailey to help him perfect his walk. Though it seemed the Morehouse and star athlete was passionate about making a name for himself in fashion, it appears he’s changed his mind.

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“Kairo is a 2020 Morehouse graduate and he’s wanting to get into music,” Whitfield told WWHL host Andy Cohen.

Before deciding to change directions, Kairo seemed to be gaining traction in the modeling world. He was even cast as a love interest in Fantasia’s music video for “When I Met You.”

Whitfield also gave an update that her mother Thelma is doing “absolutely amazing” after being reported missing last month. She explains the nature of her mother’s alarming disappearance was due to tension that was building as the family quarantined under one roof. “I think we were all getting on each other’s nerves at one point,” Whitfield says. “[My mom] kind of needed some time, and that’s who she is. She doesn’t feel like she owed anybody an excuse as to why she left…she took time and didn’t let us know. That was the longest we had gone without ever hearing from her. And then we have this pandemic going on. So it was a little scary for all of us.”

As for Whitfield’s dating life, she says she’s “single and ready to mingle,” and that she’s been checking her DMs, too, for a potential Mr. Right.

We’re glad to hear everyone is safe and doing well! See Whitfield’s WWHL segment below:


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