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Frisky Friday: 8 Moves to Bring Sexy Back

Add one of these back into your bedroom repertoire to revamp your lovemaking session tonight.
Frisky Friday: 8 Moves to Bring Sexy Back
LWA/Dann Tardif

When you know your partner like he back of your hand, even the best sex can get a little monotonous. It’s time to pull out some of the moves that you lost along the way. Add one of these back to your bedroom repertoire to revamp your love making session tonight.

Stare Him Down. Sex can be so overwhelming that sometimes we forget to take a second and really enjoy our lovers. While you’re on top of him, tell him to look at you. Both of you stare intently into each other’s eyes as your lovemaking gets more and more intense. It will increase the passion.

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Get Necked. Don’t sleep on the neck, ladies. It’s easy to kiss your dude and then head downtown during foreplay. Make a pit stop and nibble his neck as he leans his head back. Right when he’s really getting into it, give your guy and passionate lick from his collarbone to his chin.

Butt and Leg Massage. A lot of times sex can focus on the pelvis and above. Even when we give our partners a sensual rubdown, we’re often focusing on the back and legs. Tonight it’s time to move a little lower. Spread warm body oil on his muscular hamstrings and tight gluteus maximas.

Take Small Bites. Like your finger tips, the ear lobes are packed with nerve endings to send you both over the top. Whisper something naughty in his ear and then gently tug on the lobe with your teeth and feel his temperature rise.

Slapstick. In case you haven’t given or received a mid-coitus love tap lateley, this is a gentle reminder to get to spanking. We’re fans of the surprise tap. Sometimes the best things are unexpected.

Finger Food. There are so many nerve endings at the tips of your fingers. During foreplay, grab his hand, stare into his eyes seductively and wrap your hips around his index and middle fingers. The sensation will drive him wild. The visual will remind him of another move you might be thinking about. Later on while you’re on top of him, slip your index finger in his mouth for added sensation.

Nipple Nibble. Just because your breasts are bigger than his, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like a little areola action. Don’t forget to pay attention to his nipples. A smooth lick and a gentle nibble go a long way.

Knock on His Back Door. OK, so some of you may have never tried this one in the past. The skin along your and his butt cleavage is super sensitive and can send shivers up both of your spines. During foreplay, sit, kneel or lay down on the bed and have him stand in front of you. While you go downtown, gently stroke the sensitive area along his butt. If he’s into it, add a little more pressure. When he’s all worked up, swap places. a tickle or a stroke goes a long way…