My current boyfriend has the smallest penis of anyone I’ve been with. Can I do something to tighten my vagina? Or teach my man to work what he has—without hurting his ego?

To make sex more pleasurable, choose a position that will increase pressure against the clitoris and vaginal walls. For instance, if you’re on the bottom, keep your legs straight and slightly closed. Your vagina will feel tighter as your inner-thigh muscles squeeze the opening, and his penis will stroke your clitoris as he enters. Move the hips to stroke your sensitive spots.

You can make your vagina feel tighter by doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles. These are the same muscles used to start and stop urination. Practice squeezing and releasing these muscles anytime. At least 100 Kegels a day will let you grip any size penis.

Communication is key. Your honey most likely wants to know how to turn you on, so don’t be shy about bringing up the subject. Keep the conversation positive by concentrating on all the delicious ways that he brings you pleasure. Then show him what really turns you on. If he’s not at the right spot, gently move his hand or another body part. And when he gets it just right, give him your deepest and most appreciative moan. He’ll get the message and welcome the applause.

Happy lovemaking!

Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., is the author of What Your Mother Never Told You About S-e-x (Perigee).