I give my husband oral sex every time we make love, but he never returns the favor. How do I get him to go down on me?

Just ask for what you want! Men adore oral sex. While you’re doing all the work, he can lie back and enjoy himself. Likewise, women love receiving oral sex. It’s one of the few times you can focus only on the sensations that you’re receiving. When performed well, cunnilingus provides intense pleasure. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways for many women to experience an orgasm.

Sex should be mutually enjoyable, and both of you should do everything to help the other receive the greatest possible pleasure. The key is communication. Have a conversation about what’s working in your sex life and what’s not. Let your man know how much you want to experience oral sex. It’s likely that he’ll oblige. If he’s reluctant, offer to help allay any apprehensions he might have. Read a cunnilingus guide together. Should he remain disinclined, withhold fellatio until he changes his mind. Bet he will.

Happy lovemaking!