8 Products To Help You Build Your Own Sex Room
mikroman6/Moment/Getty Images

What if I told you the missing spark in your sex life could be reignited by building a sex room? That’s precisely what British designer Melanie Rose did for 12 couples on the Netflix series How to Build a Sex Room.

The show is Queer Eye meets Property Brothers. It’s a home renovation show that helps couples put the spark and kink back into their bedrooms. So, what exactly is a sex room?

“A sex room can be anything from a sumptuous bedroom to a dungeon under the stairs,” Rose said in the first episode. “But when I design them, they can be beautiful, they can be fantasies, they can be anything my clients desire.” She started designing sex rooms a decade ago after a longtime client approached her about designing one for them. Rose creates rooms uniquely specific to her client’s wants, needs and fantasies. Some of her creations have resembled spa suites, while others take a page out of Fifty Shades of Grey

While everyone may not have access to someone like Melanie Rose, they can still create the sex room of their dreams; even on a budget. There is no right or wrong way to create one, and you can add as much or as little kink as you’d like. Thanks to websites like Amazon, you can create the sex room you’ve always envisioned for less without stepping outside of your house. Here are some budget-friendly kinky additions that will make any sex room much more fun. 

  1. Inflatable Sex Sofa is a curved, inflatable chaise great for exploring positions. It allows for easier straddling and can help with reaching the G-spot. Enjoy the benefits of deeper thrusts, full body support and comfort. Some, like the model linked here, include detachable cuffs located along the base of the sofa. 
  1. Yoga Swings are a great addition to any sex room. They allow you to enjoy weightless sex in a variety of positions. Like the product linked, they can be portable, adjustable and installed anywhere. 
  1. Spanking Bench is a type of BDSM furniture that can serve many purposes. It is also super helpful for people with physical disabilities or those who need a little extra help to get into positions.
  1. Sex Stool offers stability for you to find your rhythm without the worry of suffocating your partner. The stool here is great for exploring new positions and trying some old ones as well, including reverse cowgirl. 
  1. Sex Crates are used in the BDSM world as a fun way to bound or trap a lover. You decide how you use it. A great and cheaper alternative to purchasing a kink crate is to use a pet crate, it just has to be large enough to fit a human. This crate is designed specifically for extra large dogs and comes with wheels along with double doors.
  1. Queening chair All hail the queen! The Queening chair makes face sitting and oral sex more comfortable for both partners. It has a customized head hammock that allows you to position your mouth at the perfect height and angle.  
  1. Magical Wand chair The Magical Wand chair is probably my favorite item on the list. It’s a sex toy mount that allows full control of your massager without having to use your hands. Unlike a wedge, ramp, cushion, or pillow, the built-in clamp holds toys firmly in place through hours of grinding, riding and massaging.
  1. Massage tables are multifunctional. In addition to massages, they work wonderfully as bondage tables. This table is portable, lightweight and sturdy. Just add ropes or your favorite bondage equipment and voila!