Get Out of the Bedroom to Get it On

The Bedroom is Off Limits

Tonight, we’re taking you on a tour of the house. Shut the bedroom door and get frisky in the living room, shower, kitchen, laundry room, even the driveway…

In the Kitchen

Why we love it:Remember how much you gushed over having all of that counter space when you moved into your new apartment. Use it, girl! The kitchen offers a wide variety of angles to get things cooking. What to do:Lean over the counter front-ways and have your man lean over you from the back. This kind of entry offers him great access to your G-spot and gives him the freedom to reach around and pleasure you with his hands. Turn up the heat by having him tie your hands behind your back. You’ll have no choice but to lean all the way down on the cold kitchen counter, offering your nipples a little extra sensation. Or, if your counter meets your guy at his hips sit on it while he stands in front of you and wrap your legs around his hips. This position will allow you to be closer than close.

In the Living Room

Why we love it: Another venue with plenty of options, the living room has so much to offer any randy couple looking to get out of the bedroom. The plushness of the couch cushions the firmness of the floor and the sturdiness of the coffee table all add up for one amazing sexual encounter. What to do: Because there’s so many options to choose from in the living room, we recommend a lot of switching it up. Start off laying on the couch — it’s best if you’re on top. Then pull your guy down to the floor and have him lay on top of you. Prop a couch cushion under your pelvis to keep your back from hurting and to angle your G-spot in the right direction. Finish things off by leaning over the coffee table and having him enter from the back. By the time you’re done with all that you’ll be ready for a nap in bed.

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In the Laundry Room

Why we love it: Maybe it’s the smell of just-washed delicates that turns us on so much. Or Maybe it’s because the laundry room is where dirty things get clean. Whatever it is, we love taking the laundry room for a spin every now and then. Just like our clothes, we always come out feeling and looking like new. What to do: There’s really only one way to get it on in the laundry room. Take your clothes off slowly and place each item in the washing machine until you’re absolutely naked. Then sit on top of the dryer and turn that baby on to heavy-high. It’ll be like having your own vibrating bed — just without the risk of catching something weird from the rent-by-the hour motel down the street.

In the Shower

Why we love it: The warm splash and trickle of water on your skin from the shower combined with the cold hard feeling of the bathroom tiles against your back allow you to explore how texture can heighten your senses for a more explosive sexual experience. What to do: We’ve tried a few methods and found that having sex in the shower is best when your back is pressed against the wall with your man’s hips pressed against yours and one of your legs wrapped around his pelvis. The downside of the shower is that the water tends to interfere with your own natural flow and can cause dryness and uncomfortable friction. Bring in some backup, a.k.a. lube. We like Wet Synergy for the shower because it’s a little thicker than your average lubricant so it stands up to the water no matter how high the pressure.

In the Car

Why we love it: When we’re looking for a sexual challenge we head for the car. Never the most comfortable sexual experience , sex in the car makes us feel like we’ve worked extra hard for our orgasms and the semi-outdoors feel of vehicular ecstasy appeals to our inner-exhibitionist. What to do: First, if you’re not going to get frisky in your own garage, make sure you find an area that is safe and where you know you won’t get a knock on your window from the neighborhood police — talk about ruining the mood. Next, take your lovemaking to the back seat for more room. Move the front passenger seat all the way forward and have your man sit in the seat right behind it. Sit on top of him with your back facing him and your face looking at the back of the passenger seat. Hold on to the head rest and give him a wild ride that neither of you will forget.