Say It IS So! Is Mary Jane Paul Finally Getting Her Happy Ending On ‘Being Mary Jane’?
Being Mary Jane fans across the Internet were rejoicing last night when BET dropped the long-awaited surprise trailer for the show’s series finale event, because Mary Jane is wearing…wait for it…a wedding dress! After four seasons of romantic turmoil, it seems Mary Jane Paul will finally get the happy ending she’s been praying for season after season. In the teaser, we see Mary Jane Paul (aka Pauletta)  looking in the mirror while wearing a stunning wedding dress. We hear voices from her past and present dance around in her mind as she stares at her own reflection and seemingly takes in the moment. Her racing thoughts are then interrupted when her mother, Helen, enters the room to say, ““Pauletta, baby, it’s time.” The quick teaser signals that after years of trying to find love, it appears Mary Jane will finally tie the knot with a good man. You may recall from season 4 that Mary Jane’s former work rival Justin (played by Michael Ealy) ended up becoming her lover and eventually proposed. We never heard a yes from her, which obviously was meant to be a cliffhanger. One might think that this means that Mary Jane accepted, but as this show’s history has taught us, you should expect the unexpected when it comes to this character’s murky love life. The BET series will make its final return after it was announced that the show would wrap in 2017. Instead of a rollout of new episode, the finale will reportedly come in the form of  a two-hour movie. During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Gabrielle revealed that the finale will focus on her relationship with Justin, reminding us that his $30 million net worth means Mary Jane, “might mke it work.” Set your DVR’s for April 16th!


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