I recently sat down and spoke with several couples who professed their love. I’m not talking about some sappy Valentine’s card or a dozen silk roses. I’m talking real dialogue…guards down, unashamed, unabashed true feelings. Each conversation started like this: “My husbandwifemarriage saved me from…” That dot dot dot is what was truly amazing. A woman who said she harbored feelings of abandonment for years, left over from her relationship with her father. A man who said he would be living a complacent life without the inspiration and purpose that his wife instills in him. A couple that was on the brink of divorce but pulled it all together, and then sat in front of me to say that they saved each other from being selfish. A wife who said that she was starting to believe that there wasn’t a man out there for her after yet another failed relationship. Or, the statement that says it all: “This marriage saved me from myself.” Here’s your chance. Fill in the blank and when you’re done check out this video that shows some of the couples we interviewed for our new film, “You Saved Me” and what they had to say. My marriage/relationship saved me from _______________________. Read more: What Does “Wifey” Mean To You? For more “Black And Married With Kids” stories, click here.