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We Asked Nephew Tommy and Will Packer to Explain Why Men Do These (Super!) Annoying Things

You know, like, respond with an emoji after you’ve just poured your heart out.
Raise your hand if you and your girls have spent way too many hours trying to decipher the questionable behavior of a guy. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Why exactly do men do the things they do? You know, like, smile at you from across the room but never come over to speak. Or respond with an emoji after you’ve poured your heart out. Men do unexplainable thing when they’re dating, and sometimes it’s as if we need a guidebook to navigate through what we’re seeing and what they’re feeling. To help us out, we asked Ready To Love creator Will Packer and host Nephew Tommy to break down some of the fellas’ most annoying dating behaviors. Watch what they had to say in our new series, Why’d He Do That? Ready to Love airs Saturdays on OWN.