Dating and Technology Survey Results

Survey Says

Technology is supposed to simplify our lives, but it seems like cell phones, e-mail and social networks have made our dating lives more complicated. After a new book entitled “The Breakup 2.0” suggested that new technology like social networks and smart phones bring more “traditional” style rules to modern romance, we got to thinking about our own laws of dating and how they’re impacted by the gadgets we use. We asked you how you handle Facebook, Twitter and text-messaging invading your relationships. Here are the results of our “Dating and Technology Survey.”

1. Would you or do you use your Facebook Status or tweets to update your friends on what’s going on in your friendship?

Orange: Yes, that way all my friends are in the loop (2.4%) Blue: No, that information is too personal for my Facebook or Twitter pages. (89.2%) Purple: I post relationship information on Facebook, but not on Twitter. (7.8%) Red: I post relationship information on Twitter, but not on Facebook. (0.6%)

2. Would you or do you post love notes on your significant other’s Facebook Wall?

Orange: Yes (17.4%) Blue: No (82.6%)

3. Would you date someone you met on Facebook?

Orange: Yes (43.1%) Blue: No (56.9%)

4. Would you or do you display your relationship status on Facebook?

Orange: Yes (46.7%) Blue: No (53.3%)

5. How long would you wait to update your relationship status after a breakup?

Orange: I would update it immediately. (12.6%) Blue: I would wait a few days, until I told my friends so they don’t find out on Facebook. (25.1%) Purple:I would wait until my ex-boyfriend updates his relationship status. (4.8%) Red: I would not display my relationship status on Facebook. (57.5%)

6. Would it bother you if your significant other were Facebook friends with his or her exes?

Orange: Yes, I would be suspicious of their friendship. (35.2%) Blue: No, if they’re really still friends, I don’t mind that they’re Facebook friends too. (64.8%)

7. Would you use your Twitter status to display love notes for your significant other?

Orange: Yes (7.6%) Blue: No (92.4%)

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8. What is your preferred mode of communication with your significant other?

Orange: Telephone calls (79.2%) Blue: Text messages (19.5%) Purple: E-mails (1.3%) Red: Online social networking updates (0.0%)

9. Does it matter to you if someone who is interested in you sends you a text message instead of calling you on the phone?

Orange: Yes, I am insulted if I receive a text message. (17.1%) Blue: No, I don’t care if I receive a text message or a phone call. (36.1%) Purple: No, I prefer receiving text messages to phone calls. (2.5%) Red: Maybe, if it were the first time he or she contacts me I’d prefer a phone call. (44.3%)

10. If someone you were interested in gave you his or her phone number, would you call or text?

Orange: Call (63.3%) Blue: Text (36.7%)

11. How late is too late to receive a text message from someone you are dating?

Orange: After 9 p.m. (4.7%) Blue: After 10 p.m. (18.9%) Purple: After 11 p. m. (22.3%) Red: After 12 a.m. (54.1%)

12. Have you ever broken up with someone via text message, e-mail or social media?

Orange: Yes (14.6%) Blue: No (85.4%)

13. Would you ever break up with someone via text message, e-mail or social media?

Orange: Yes (18.4%) Blue: No (81.6%)

14. Have you ever been broken up with via text message, e-mail or social media?

Orange: Yes (19.0%) Blue: No (81.0%)