How would you feel if your longterm bae was committed enough to buy a house with you, but not enough to actually propose to you? This was one audience member’s dilemma in the sneak peek for Steve Harvey’s new Facebook Watch show STEVE on Watch.

Harvey, the author of the book-turned-film Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, is known for dishing out tell-it-like-it-is advice on everything including love, family and career. In the preview for one of next week’s brand-new videos, Harvey receives a question from a woman who has been in a relationship for nine years. She says her beau is not interested in marriage, but recently suggested buying a house together. She asks Harvey if she should be concerned, and how she should proceed.

Per usual, he did not hold back. “You have every right to want the things that you want,” Steve says. “It’s nothing wrong with what you want. So now you have to put what you want on hold until he comes around. But then he says, ‘let’s buy a house.’ Well, whose name will the house be in? If you’re willing to buy a house with a woman, what else is it? That’s the largest investment purchase you can make.”

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Do you agree with Harvey’s advice? Catch the full episode of Steve On Watch when it premieres Monday, March 9th on Facebook Watch.