Spring has us excited in many ways. The weather is heating up and so are our libidos. Take our spring fling fantasy quiz and find out what the season has in store for you… 1. Your friends would describe you as… a. Active, I am always doing something physical b. Productive, I spend most of my time working c. Inquisitive, I spend the majority of my time learning about new things d. Laid back, I go with the flow 2.  On a Friday night, you are probably… a. Catching up with friends at a bar b. Catching up on the sleep that you lost during the week c. Going to see some live music, a play or an art show d.  Having dinner with girlfriends or family 3. What’s your happy hour drink of choice? a. Margarita b. Martini c. Mojito  d. Glass of Wine 4. Your favorite pair of underwear that you own is… a. Cotton boy short    b. Satin bikini c. Mesh thong d. Lace tanga 5. Which do you wish you had more of right now? a. Excitement b. Luxury c. Adventure d. Tranquility Done? Time to find your score… For every a=.5 For every b-1 For every c=1.5 For every d=2 Add your points to find your Spring Fling Fantasy. You scored 2.5 to 4 points: Making art and love You’re tired of going to the same spots and meeting the same “great on paper” guys. You cancel on hanging out with the girls one night to go check out a loft party that your artist friend from college is throwing. Standing with your back against a wall, you spot him across the room. He’s alone, too. He’s different. His hair is shaggy. He’s got holes in his jeans and an intricate tattoo that covers his whole left arm. He’s not your usual type, but you’re drawn to him. You smile at him. He grins back at you and you feel your cheeks get warm. You swallow your inner wallflower and introduce yourself. He’s a painter and a photographer that lives in the neighborhood. He invites you back to his place to check out his work. Inspired by your curves, he asks if he can shoot you in your underwear. You can’t believe you’re letting him do this, but you undress and stare at the camera seductively. He admires your body for hours before giving in to his urge to touch and hold you. By the end of Spring, he has enough work for a steamy photo exhibition dedicated to you. You scored 4 to 6.5 points: Living the glamorous life  You finally get a night where you’re not swamped with work and vow not to waste the opportunity to have a few cocktails at a chic outdoor bar. Lounging on the rooftop of your favorite hotel in the city, sipping a refreshing cocktail, you lean your head back and that’s when you notice him. He comes and sits with uninvited but you don’t complain. He orders a bottle of champagne for the two of you to get better acquainted over. He’s from out of town, but travels to your city on business every two weeks. You like that he won’t be around all the time and think he’ll be a great guy to hang out with when you do have the time. On his next visit, you two spend the whole weekend together, eating at the finest restaurants and getting pampering with couple’s massages. He asks you to fly back to his town with him. After his private jet takes off, you wiggle out of your pencil skirt. Thousands of feet in the air, the two of you establish your own private mile high club. You scored 7 to 8.5 points: Dreaming of far off places  It’s the first really warm day of Spring and it’s a Friday night. What luck. Sex drips off your skin as you strut down the street toward your favorite Cuban bar and nightclub in shorts and platforms. At the club, sounds of the live music infect your hips immediately. Eventually you find yourself in the arms of a gorgeous, chocolate Brazilian man who’s behind was made for salsa. Ay, ay, ay! Hearts pounding at the end of the night, he grabs your hand and kisses it, looks deep into your eyes and asks you to meet him at the same place next Friday night. You say “maybe” and then lead him to the side of the building, pulling his shoulders toward you and sucking passionately on his bottom lip. You wrap your sweaty left leg around his right while he whispers something in Portuguese in your ear. It’s time for you to go home and you know it. You say goodnight and skip down the street with a grin from ear to ear, already picking out your outfit for next Friday. You scored 9 to 10 points: Seasons come and go Waiting in line to be served a dollop of potato salad and a slap of barbecue ribs at your company-wide picnic, you spot that cute guy from the third floor that you’ve had your eye on all winter. You are determined to talk to him today. You get your food and saunter over to his picnic table. “Is anyone sitting here?” you ask. He ushers you to sit down. You end up talking to him during the entire picnic. He makes you feel giggly, nervous and sexy all at the same time. He walks you home so that you can keep on talking. Standing on the first step of your apartment building, you instinctively lean over to kiss him goodnight. He grabs your waist and pulls you into him for a passionate goodbye. As you turn to walk up the stairs, you get the distinct feeling that you will get to kiss Mr. Third Floor time and time again. Your spring fling just turned into a prospective long-term romance. Read More: