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Never Wind Up On a Date With A Guy Who Doesn't Understand Your Love For Beyoncé Again

Guess which two popular apps have teamed up to help you swipe right or left based on your musical preferences?
Never Wind Up On a Date With A Guy Who Doesn’t Understand Your Love For Beyoncé Again
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If you met a guy who shared your same late-night listening habits, could your matching playlists possibly equal love? Maybe, especially if Spotify and Tinder can help. Tinder has found a way for music lovers to meet matches with similar listening habits by teaming up with the popular streaming service. On Tuesday Spotify joined forces with the mobile dating service to enhance the dating app experience. Now Trey Songz fans can meet other Trey Songz fans and make a love connection right from their phone. Tinder users can now integrate their music streaming account to broadcast a favorite song on their Tinder profile, display and preview music clips from top artists on Spotify and swipe to see who shares similar taste in music. WANT MORE FROM ESSENCE? Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. The app integration provides a new way to get to know your matches and adds an element where people can vibe off of one another’s music preferences alone. Plus, you don’t have to ask what your matches for their top five anymore! With the new Spotify/Tinder partnership, you can now preview your next potential match’s top five songs and see which artists you have in common with them before you swipe right. The new anthem feature also allows users to pick a song that defines them, which is a great way to give potential dates a heads up about your Beyoncé devotion from jump. Swipe on, music lovers!