At 27, singer Sevyn Streeter has reached a high point in her music career, and she’s loving every single minute of her success. When she’s not belting out notes on stage or recording in the studio, Sevyn loves a good girl talk session. Keeping that in mind, we recently caught up with the “It Won’t Stop” singer to find out what she’ll be up to this Valentine’s Day. Although she’s single, Sevyn says she couldn’t be happier to spend the time cherishing her girls and continuing to work hard to achieve her musical dreams. So, about being single for Valentine’s Day.
SEVYN STREETER: A lot of my girlfriends and I are single right now for Valentine’s Day. I say, occupy your time. You shouldn’t feel alone on Valentine’s Day. Be each other’s valentines! Send each other Valentine’s Day gifts. I like to send my girls little gifts—you know, flowers and stuff like that. I actually enjoy going to the movies by myself too. Women shouldn’t feel bad [if they’re single] on Valentine’s Day. It can really be just another day to you even if it is a special day for other people. Really, don’t let it make you sad. You won’t be single forever! Is it a special holiday for you?
STREETER: It’s a really, really special day, but honestly every day is a day to show somebody that you love them. Every year of my life my dad has sent me a Valentine’s Day gift. Whether I was in the same house or across the country, he always sent something. It’s just about showing your love for whomever you love. How do you think single and fabulous women should celebrate the day?
STREETER: Have a Valentine’s Day party. Watch chick flicks and drink lots of wine. Go catch a concert. Just don’t feel like you have to sit in the house and be depressed or lonely because you’re not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. So what?! That’s perfectly fine. What do you feel are some of the perks of being single for V-Day?
STREETER: I think men and women will both agree that one of the perks of being single on Valentine’s Day is that you get to keep your money in your pocket. (Laughs) It can be expensive! Plus, you can flirt with whomever you want to flirt with that day.

ESSENCE.COM: Any flirting tips or tricks to share?
STREETER: I haven’t always been good at flirting, but I’ve learned that flirting is all about confidence. I don’t think it’s about being sexy at all; it’s just about having enough confidence to walk up to somebody and have a conversation with them. You don’t have to go bat your eyes a thousand times. It’s not about that. Just walk up and introduce yourself. Conversation without you trying to be sexy can still come off as very sexy. Trust me!

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