New Survey Says Messy Texting Turns Men Off
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In a world where text messaging has nearly replaced telephone calls, it’s not surprising to learn that how you “text” says a lot about you to potential dates. According to a new national dating survey conducted by social chat app, the number one turn-of among men is when a date uses “funky or informal spelling” when sending text messages.

Fifty-eight percent of men surveyed admit to being turned off by a woman’s wacky texting style. (If ur texts gets sorta cr8tive, like dis, that means u!) Hard-to-read texts aren’t fun for anyone, but the guys’ gripes don’t end there. Forty-seven percent of men surveyed disapprove of women using multiple exclamation points in their text messages and 46-percent are turned off by a lack of punctuation or grammar.

They’re too picky, you say? Not so fast. Seventy-three percent of women disapprove of men using wacky spelling in their texts, 54-percent can’t stand the use of excessive slang and 51-percent are annoyed by texts sent during sleeping hours.

Phew! When did texting stop being fun and easy and start becoming a possible dating deal breaker?

On a lighter note, sending emojis or emoticons inside text messages ranked high with both sexes. Hmm…

Do poor texting habits turn you off? Tell us your biggest texting and dating gripes below.