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Modern Day Matchmaker: 10 Most Underrated Women and How to Stand Out

The 10 types of women most men easily overlook, and what they can do to stand out.

Remember when I explored the “10 Underrated Men and Why You Should Date Them”? This post is all about the ladies who are often overlooked.

So, the myth goes, when it comes to dating, men have more options than Sunday brunch at B Smith’s. Men (supposedly) juggle multiple women and have (if they want) a date every night. But the reality is far from this. The average number of dates a man has per month is only one, and despite the popularity of technology and dating, the majority (56%) of men on dating sites never receive a single message of interest. It’s hard out here for a pimp (using my “Hustle and Flow” voice).

If men want to expand the number of women they meet they must either 1) Expand their social circles, or 2) Open their mind to new women. Today I’m focusing on the second. The following list includes the 10 most underrated women, and what you can do, ladies, if you fall into one of these categories, but want to stand out.