Mama Knows Best: Your Favorite Dating Rules From Mom
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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and to celebrate we asked our readers to share the motherly advice they’ve received that helped to shape their love lives for the better. Check out these must-have “dating rules” from mom! (And take notes!)

No Take-Backs
“Don’t go back to a man that you broke up with because there’s a reason you left him on the first place.” — LaQuinta P.

Demand To Be Treated Like A Lady
“Never ever answer to the sound of a car horn. Make the man greet you at the door.” — Sagirah V.

Make Him Sweat
“If he won’t sweat for you, then don’t let him sweat on you!” — Tammy M.

You Can’t Get Something For Nothing
“My mother taught me that When a man does something for you they want something in return.” — Latika S.

Be Picky
“Every date is not a mate!” — Tanya M.

Be Ready to Pay
“Always carry money in your purse.” — Francois J.

Say ‘No’ To Married Men
“Never date a married man. When you marry you don’t want anyone interfering with your union!” — Keisha R.

Think and Act Like A Lady
“Always act like a lady, and always have your own money………..just in case!” — Pearlina W.

Tell A Friend
“Always let someone know where you are or who you’re with!” — Pamela B.

Love You More
“Always love yourself first and then you can learn to love others.” — Arlene B.

Listen Closely
“Listen to what he’s not saying!” — Marla W.

Play Hard to Get
“Don’t call a man. Let him come to you. When a man wants something, there’s nothing in the world that will stop him from getting it.” — Shauntia C.

Stay In School
“Get an education so you don’t have to take no stuff off of no man.” — Ebonei W.

Watch and Listen
“I love my mother’s frank and candid advice. She taught me never to make excuses for poor behavior. Her exact advice is: ‘People do exactly what they want to so watch what they do and not what they say.’ This advice has helped me to set healthy boundaries.” — Portia G.