Men, if you’re hoping for a chance to win Kelly Rowland’s heart, you’d better put your best foot forward, and fast. Kelly has Doomed Date radar and high standards.

“In the first twenty minutes with somebody, I know if the date is not going to go well,” Kelly reveals to us.

We’re surprised she even has that much time to spare these days, with her jam-packed schedule and all. When Kelly’s not promoting her brand new album “Here I Am,” which was released this week, she’s across the pond hosting “The X Factor” in London.

Kelly admits she has zero time for anything serious right now, but the Texas native gave us a clue as to what kind of man could “motivate” a southern belle like her to one day change her mind.

“He’s got to have great confidence,” Kelly tells us about the man she’d consider settling down for. “He’s got to be assured in himself as a man and have great goals. Ambition looks so sexy on anybody. Plus, I think it’s really important for him to have a great sense of humor. That’s just so sexy to me.”

But Kelly’s not all about business; her Mr. Everything has to be a flirt, too.

“Oh, I’m a big fan of flirting,” Kelly tells us with a giant grin across her face. “Just the little things, like when you can wink at me from the other side of the room and you make me feel like I’m the flyest chick in there, or if you pinch my butt when I’m leaving the room and don’t nobody else see it. That’s the best! That stuff just drives me nuts, and I’m like, oh my God, let’s go home — right now!”

It’s clear she knows exactly what she wants, and what she doesn’t. A man with a giant ego will get nowhere with Kelly, who doesn’t plan on giving up her single lady status anytime soon.

“Arrogance is just so unnecessary,” Kelly responds when we ask her what immediately turns her off. “I do like for [a man] to be a little bit cultured. I think that is so nice. For them to be closed-minded to even trying something new, now that’s not gonna work. I mean, you don’t even want to try it? No. Please romance me because I deserve to be romanced.”

Kelly, we couldn’t agree more! We wonder who will ultimately win Ms. Rowland’s heart. Hmm…