You paid attention to what Steve Harvey said and waited three months to give it up to your new guy. Your hormones are in overdrive and you’re ready to take things to the next level and make love. You want the night (or day) that you and your man take the plunge to be special. Avoid the trusted old dinner and a movie and opt for these hot date ideas to commemorate the magical moment. Natural Elements Fill a picnic basket with libido lifting treats–berries, chocolate, nuts and take it to a park or to the beach. Roll out a blanket and feed each other. Make sure to give his finger a light lick when he pops an almond in your mouth. By the time your done teasing each other with finger foods you’ll be ready for the main course. Happy Ending Treat yourself and your guy to a couples massage. Having your kinks worked out you both up to the magical possibilities that lay ahead and leave you stimulated and ready for him to pay some more attention to your pressure points. Into the Woods Being active releases endorphins that make you feel good. Suggest a hike or a bike ride through some remote, woodsy locale. The smell of the outdoors and the beautiful scenery are enough to create good vibes between you and your guy. Add the hormones and you may just have your first sexual experience in the wild. Be careful with that though–you wouldn’t want your memorable date to end with an arrest for indecent exposure. Do Not Disturb What girl wouldn’t prefer to make love to someone special for the first time in a luxury suite? Make it happen. Book a room and tell your guy that your friends are having a swanky little hotel party. When you get to the room and pull out the key, he’ll realize it’s a party for two. The bonus: most boutique hotels feature fun intimacy kits; you can break it out and really make it a night to remember. Put a Cork In It A lot of wine shops and bars organize weekly or monthly wine tastings. Take your guy to one of these events. Enjoy the very sensual experience of inhaling different wine scents and feeling the varied textures of the wines roll around on your tongue. The few sips of wine will give you the extra ambition to lean over and whisper to your guy that he can spend the night at your place and that you’ll be his designated driver in the bedroom. Keep your wine consumption in check though–you do want to remember the night. Turn the Beat Around If you and your fellow are music lovers, suggest a fun day of digging through crates at the local record shop, look for timeless love songs. When you’ve gotten enough records together, suggest that you go back to his place to listen to them. Drop the needle, light some candles and let the rhythm move you. Downward Facing Dog Yoga is a great way to open up your body and increase your flexibility and your sensuality. After twisting into various positions together, offer to let him clean up at your house. Follow him into the shower and find each other’s chakras. Whip It Good Just by its nature, ice skating and roller skating promotes a lot of hand holding. Feel things heat up in the rink and the two of you glide around hand in hand. If you’re clumsy don’t sweat it–just make sure he falls on top of you. If you’re a great skater, be sure push a head of him every once in a while so he can get a glimpse of your roller skating booty. He’ll know what to do with it. Toy Story Not into dropping subtle hints? Tell your man you want to take him somewhere special and then bring him to a sex shop. You can both get into what’s to come by picking out everything for your rendezvous together, from novelty condoms to two-in-one vibrators. Taste the Rainbow Instead of the run of the mill dinner date, take your dude to a cooking class. He’ll remind you of that cute Home-Ec partner you had in high school. Watching each other chop, stir and taste things can be super sensual. Once you’ve enjoyed each other’s cooking, ask him if he wants to head home for dessert. Remember the most important things you need for a hot date is a good imagination and an adventurous spirit. Read More: