Facebook may have put an end to the Breakup Notifier — which alerted users when their crushes were back on the market — but don’t fret. A new Facebook app Waiting Room has filled the Facebook-stalking void. Plus, with Waiting Room, you no longer have to just sit around and wait for your crush’s relationship to fail; you can be an active participant in its demise.

According to Mashable, when you select the person you’re longing for, the new app places you in his virtual “waiting room.” It will also alert him that someone out there wishes he’d leave his girlfriend — thus possibly making it easier for him to say farewell. 48 hours after he’s been single — you know while he’s still vulnerable from the split — the people in his “waiting room” will be revealed to him.

Would you ever us Waiting Room? Be honest, ladies. An even better question may be — would you date someone who was in your “waiting room,” knowing that he was rooting for your relationship to fail all along?