Girlfriends give great relationship advice, but sometimes what you really need is to hear some insight from a man’s perspective.

Common is always respectful of the ladies, and he’s dated some of Hollywood’s most fierce women, like Serena Williams and Erykah Badu. And, when it comes to relationship-talk, he doesn’t hold back.

We gave you a chance to ask Common your burning dating questions on Facebook this week, and he’s got some great answers for two lucky ladies.

“What has happened to our generation of men that they don’t seem to want a relationship with any substance, but instead just want casual relationships?”
COMMON: I believe that we as Black men really haven’t had the chance to see what it means to be a man and raise a family. Not all, but a lot of Black men didn’t have that example of a good father, husband, and man in their home. The glorified man was the one that did have more than one woman and multiple relationships.

I also think that we have had struggles with the responsibilities of relationships, the commitment and the work that it takes. And some of us deep inside have a fear of abandonment, so we keep our love at a distance to protect ourselves from being hurt. Because when we hurt, we HURT!

: “What is your definition of beauty, and more importantly, what do you do to make your significant other feel beautiful, even on those days when she doesn’t see it?”
COMMON: Beauty is this air and presence that a woman carries because of who she is and how she looks. When my lady is not feeling beautiful I first remind her how beautiful she is by highlighting a part of her that she knows is beautiful. It could be her eyes her skin or just her whole self. Once she is verbally reminded, I physically remind her with affection and love.

Common’s new album, The Dreamer/The Believer, hits stores December 20th. Copies are available for pre-order on iTunes now.

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