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All The Single Ladies: How to Meet A New Man At ESSENCE Festival

Ladies, there are going to be a lot of (single!) faces in the crowd. If you want yours to stand out too, try these tricks.
All The Single Ladies: How to Meet A New Man At ESSENCE Festival
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Each year, hundreds of thousands of people come together for giant music festivals in the summer months. And, guess what single ladies? At least a third of them are men. If you’re single and on the hunt, odds are there’s someone special in the crowd for you. At this year’s 2015 ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans, for example, there will be plenty of men from all over the country coming into town for the festivities.

If you want to catch the attention of a potential suitor, you’re going to need to know a few tricks and build your confidence. The first rule of thumb is the most obvious one: Be yourself, always. Now that you’re letting the real you shine, here are a few other tips to consider when looking for love at ESSENCE festival. It’s time to brush up on your flirting basics!

Attend A Day Party
When you’re not uplifting your spirit by attending seminars at the convention center, take a break and visit one of ESSENCE’s four day parties with your girls. Hot deejays, great music and amazing drinks before happy hour is usually instant bait for single men. You’ll find lots of sexy, new faces here.

Wear Something Comfy (And Cute!)
If you put on a pair of jeans you have to jump in and out of or a shirt that keeps rolling up in the back, you’re going to be miserable and tug on them all day. Look cute, but dress comfortably. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t appear confident and he’ll notice you fidgeting.

Go Easy on the Makeup
Most outdoor music festivals place guests under the sun all day or walking back and forth in it to get to the venue. A face filled with liquid makeup won’t react too kindly to the hot humid temperatures. You want to look your best when he walks over to say “hello,” not like a watercolor painting of yourself.

Visit a Nearby Happy Hour
Happy hours are a universal pleasure shared by all, so there has to be at least one where you are. Approaching an attractive man among the crowds at the festival could be a bit intimidating, so try a more enclosed setting like a local bar (or day party!) where you can get to know each other while you’re not standing on your feet in the heat.

Smile Back At Him
The number one reason men say they won’t approach a woman they’re interested in is because they feel she’ll reject them. If you’re interested, the easiest way to ease his mind is to return a smile. Or better, flash one his way first. (Wink!)

Wander the City
From the concerts to the sponsored booth, whether you’re at ESSENCE Festival or another event, there will be lots of fun to get into over the weekend. Don’t be afraid to venture out beyond the festival grounds. New Orleans, for instance, is a sexy city and the nightlife has plenty to offer tourists looking for a fun and flirty good time. Visit a jazz club or a bar that has local live music. The best part about meeting someone there is that it’s already clear you have something in common — an appreciation for good food, fun and music. The rest will be easy.

Be Prepared
Between the crowds and all the live shows, surprise performances and vendor booths, you may only have a moment to speak to that gorgeous man you spotted on the way to the food truck. If time isn’t on your side, but it’s definitely a love connection, you may need to exchange information on the fly. Have your business cards or best contact info ready to pass out at will so you won’t wish you had just a second longer to seal the deal.

Embrace the Spirit
If it’s a God-fearing man you’re looking to meet, then we’ll see you at the ESSENCE Empowerment Experience stage on Sunday, where there’s always an all-star gospel-infused lineup of performances and speakers ready to inspire and express for all who’ll listen. Feel the spirit and maybe just fall in love at the same time.