90-Day Dating Challenge: Refresh Your Dating Game Plan For the New Year
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As a new year approaches, so often we have a laundry list of resolutions that are forgotten by February. As your virtual Relationship Coaches, we want you to be intentional about your relationship goals for 2016 and we’re here to help. Try this 90-day dating challenge to jumpstart your journey to love! Okay now, repeat after us:

You Will…Be Optimistic
Let’s face it, there is truth in the law of attraction. You are what you put out.This challenge only works when you believe it will. If you believe there is an amazing, successful, handsome soul mate out there just for you, then there is. And, you will meet him. You really do first have to believe it in order to achieve it.

You Will…Be Fiercely Confident
We have said it a million times: When we speak to hundreds of men (weekly!) and ask them what is the most attractive attribute about a woman, the number one answer is “confidence.”

You Will…Reprioritize Your Calendar
Most women we coach have way too much going on in their lives with little or no time for dating. We take their schedules and prioritize them with their top professional commitments first, then make everything else secondary to their love life. Our hope is to create time in their schedule for dating at least 1-2 nights a week.

You Will…Look In the Mirror
Tough question: Would you date you right now? Would you ask yourself out on a date based on who you are at this very moment? If your answer is “no,” it’s time to reevaluate your look and be prepared to look, and most of all feel, your best. After all, you are on the market 24/7, not just when you feel like dressing up and going out on the town.

You Will…Enjoy Your Life
After you have made time in your schedule for dating, allot more regular time for something fun and exciting in your world. Whether it’s a spa visit alone for the day, girls night out or in, game night with friends or traveling to spend the weekend with a girlfriend or favorite cousin you haven’t seen. Enjoy your life!

You Will…Communicate Proactively
If you’re dating online, spend a minimum of one-hour online inquiring and sending messages to potential dates. Most women we speak with will set up an online profile and sit back and expect a host of inquires to flood her inbox. In most cases, that doesn’t happen without you initiating some form of contact. Send at least five messages to someone of interest daily. (Yes, five!) Write at least a three-line paragraph commenting on something in their profile or photos. Try ending the paragraph with an open-ended question to promote discussion. You can do this. Don’t be shy.

You Will…Speak To Strangers
Don’t be afraid to initiate conversation with a complete stranger. When someone pays you a compliment, it feels good right? Try initiating a compliment next time and welcome a conversation that could potentially lead to what we call “the close”—exchanging contact information.

You Will…Ask for “Friendtroductions”
Have you shared with your friends, family and co-workers that you are single and ready for a relationship? If not, we suggest you do so. Most often, everybody has someone they know who they may have put in the friend zone. That person may not have been a good fit for them, but may be a perfect fit for you. How would they know you’re ready for love if you don’t announce it? Who knows, they could be closer than you think.

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Here’s to LOVE!

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