Question Of The Day: Does It Matter If Your Man Follows You On Instagram?
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If you follow singer Monica Brown on Instagram and keep a close watch, you already know she loves to share one sweet moment after another with her husband, former NBA Baller Shannon Brown, and her adorable kids. And, she regularly tags him too. Fast forward to this week when the rumor mill spun out news that Brown has unfollowed his wife on Instagram—in fairness, he was only following her and now he follows no one—fans of the couple sensed a hint of shade. Afterall, she’s still following him.

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Whether or not there’s trouble in paradise remains to be seen (and we’re really, really hoping for the best!) but this situation does beg the question: Does an unfollow from your man mean trouble in paradise? Or, does it really matter to you whether your man follows you on Instagram?

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Fact: While you may not miss a chance to post your perfect latte, new shoes or the scene at last night’s yoga class, that doesn’t necessarily mean your man is as equally into sharing (or what you share.) It could be a little shady, or it could be that he’d just rather not see a play-by-play of all the great finds you spot at TJ Maxx and your of-the-minute smoothies. But on the flip side, if your guy’s hooked on social sharing too, realizing he has just unfollowed you could be a crushing blow, or at least cause for concern. What do you think? Does it matter if your man follows you on Instagram?