A new research study conducted by the University of Chicago claims that healthier men, regardless of age, will have better and more frequent sex than healthier women, CNN reported. According to the study, “men are more likely to be sexually active, have what they believe is better sex and are consistently more interested in sex than women.” Despite this information, medicine is geared toward creating solutions to sexual dysfunction for men. When is science and medicine going to catch up to women’s needs? Last week’s story “Keep Your Sex Drive In Your 30s, 40s, 50s…” notes that when a woman’s reproductive stage is ending she starts losing the hormones–progesterone, estrogen and testosterone–that made her horny in the first place. Yet, “there are no FDA approved treatments for female sexual dysfunction other than estrogen to treat pain with intercourse,” the article points out. If we’re being pumped with estrogen, we’re probably experiencing low levels of progesterone in comparison, which is directly linked to low libido. The pain associated with sexual intercourse may be gone, but our desire to get some has left with it. Furthermore, doctors frequently prescribe antidepressants–known to reduce sexual desire–to menopausal women. Add to that, the loss of testosterone–the hormone directly linked to libido and genital engorgement in both sexes–and then we’re really in lukewarm water. Culturally, attention to a decreasing sex drive has been a focused on males. Therefore, solutions to sexual dysfunction–Viagra, pornography, etc.–are most often geared toward men and not women. We want to get our grooves back, too! It seems that medicine often plays catch-up to women’s issues. We want to know why. In the meantime, follow the tips below to keep your sex drive revving. Here are some things we can do to increase our sex drive:
  • Eat more of the following: oily fish like salmon and mackerel for fatty acids; whole grains and liver for zinc; leafy greens to maintain estrogen levels.
  • Add weight lifting to our exercise routines to increase testosterone levels.
  • Keep sex on the brain through various types of erotica.
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