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Remember Chocolate 'Prison Bae'? His Mugshot Landed Him A Modeling Contract Too

Mekhi Alante Lucky gives new meaning to "eye candy" and his viral mugshot also led to a modeling gig.
Remember Chocolate ‘Prison Bae’? His Mugshot Landed Him A Modeling Contract Too
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In 2014, green-eyed chiseled cheekboned inmate Jeremy Meeks became known as prison bae by many when an image of his mugshot nearly broke the internet. Now there is a new sexy mugshot catching everyone’s attention again. Earlier this year, Mekhi Alante Lucky’s (yes, his legal last name is Lucky) mugshot went viral, and like Meeks, the internet admitted to having quite a crush on his unintentionally sexy mugshot.   The 20-year-old has a distinctive look that’s more than meets the eye. Lucky was born with a rare genetic feature called heterochromia which means he has two different eye colors–one brown and the other, blue.   The North Carolina native was arrested in 2016 for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle. His rap sheet also includes charges of alleged assault on a woman, alleged breaking and entering and resisting an officer and two misdemeanor violations of his parole. While his past may be a little sketchy, his mugshot is what got him signed to Atlanta-based modeling agency St. Claire Modeling, and let’s be honest, he’s already killing it in front of the camera.