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Considering these tough economic times, it’s a pretty safe bet your sex isn’t scorching these days.

Thanks to job stress, lack of time, and anxiety about finances, is it any wonder you’re not planning your next romp?

According to renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a dwindling sex life during economic strife is normal. That said, just because you’re not hitting the sheets as frequently, doesn’t mean your sex life is doomed.

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But you’ll have to work at it – Dr. Ruth says juggling schedules, young children and the emotional ups and downs of marriage makes maintaining sex tricky. What’s more, since men are (usually) the breadwinners, the loss of a job can affect his sense of manhood, making it, um, harder to get erect.

However, Dr. Ruth says just because you aren’t feeling it, doesn’t mean you can’t make sparks fly. Her advice is simple: Your appetite comes as you eat. In other words, just get started – even if you aren’t in the mood. Previous research shows when you begin kissing and making out, your body will catch up to your mind.
So get busy! Your satisfaction is worth it.

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